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Boozey Bundle

Boozey Bundle

Two 7.5oz scented candle made with 100% natural soy wax

Bundle Includes: Day Drinking and Escape

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Discover bold new scents with the Boozey Bundle! Get ready for a night of adventure with two candle fragrances inspired by adult beverages. Ready, set, ignite!

Let happy hour be any hour with this 2 for 1. Get  both of these intoxicating candle scents inspired by adult beverages.

Candle 1: Day Drinking 7.5 oz handcrafted candle

Day Drinking features lime, sugar, tequila & sea salt.... like a well-balanced margarita crafted by you or your favorite mixologist..

Candle 2: Escape 7.5 oz handcrafted candle

Escape is your favorite creamy frozen cocktail... pina colada.

THE STORY: Day Drinking

Here's the story card for "Day Drinking" (an original Larrabee handcrafted scent):

front of story card for day drinkingback of story card for day drinking


Here's the story card for "Escape" (an original Larrabee handcrafted scent):

Story card front for Escape candle scentStory Card back for Escape candle scent


Check out the LARRABEE Candle Care Guide for tips on how to get the best burn from your candles every time.

Just by following a few simple guidelines, you can get pretty consistent performance from a candle throughout its entire burn life. You'll see less soot build-up, more consistent scent throw and more overall hours of use. So, here's a few candle care tips to help you get the best burn from them every time while enjoying them safely:

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