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Spa In A Bag candle set

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“Spa In A Bag” Candle Set

3 scented 100% natural soy wax candles in tins (4oz each)

“Spa In A Bag” Fragrances

cucumber calm: cucumber, mint

lavender relax: lavender, light florals

lime ginger lift: lime, citrus, ginger

The Story
It's time for a spa day (or at least a spa moment). Pandemic days are weird and stressful. Uncertainty and change shake up the world, and it's impossible not to feel the little earthquakes in our lives. So, it's important to be there for one another. But it's also essential to be there for yourself. So, this is for you!
Here are three spa candles (in portable tins) for home or anywhere you can break away to for some self-care:
cucumber calm to keep you chill or help you get there.
lavender relax to release stress and help get the rest you deserve.
lime ginger lift to energize and bring back your mojo.
I started to notice the increase of anxiety, burnout & fatigue for myself and many of my friends. So, I decided to create a really simple way for anyone to use some aromatherapeutic spa candles to help hit the reset button on stress and burnout.