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Get Baked handcrafted candle (8oz)

”Get Baked” Fragrance Notes

vanilla, butter, brown sugar

it smells just like you're baking delicious homemade cookies in the oven 

The Story
Since I’m a life-long candle aficionado who’s obsessed with anything vanilla, it’s no surprise that the very first hand-poured scented soy candle by LARRABEE captures the comforting scent of baking cookies. Every time you light “Get Baked,” an incredible combination of vanilla, butter & brown sugar will fill your home.
Two years ago, I decided to make a few candles at home for friends using equipment I'd stored away from a class I took eight years earlier.  I needed something I enjoyed doing to take my mind off of a very difficult year. And that was the beginning of this unexpected journey back to creativity and contentment. A journey that started and continues with the place I call home here on Larrabee Street in West Hollywood, California.

Get Baked handcrafted candle (8oz)

Scented 100% natural soy wax... Hand poured in small batches

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