The Story: Dolly's Smoky Mountains

Story card front for Dolly's Smoky Mountain candle scentStory card back for Dolly's Smoky Mountain candle scent
STORY OF DOLLY 2023 On January 19th, the amazing Dolly Parton turned 77 years old. Now, my love for her goes way back to the days when I'd dance around to her song, "9 to 5" playing it over and over on my sister's 8-track. There was no repeat button back then, but that didn't stop me. Thankfully, technology has changed. But my love for Dolly has not.  And myDOLLY 2023 CONT  solo Dolly dance parties continue  to this day.  Honestly, who doesn't love Dolly?! She's an incredible talent with a tremendous heart. Not only is she an icon, she's also a role model who proves that you can speak your mind and still be kind. And of  course, she was my inspiration when I crafted this candle.   Happy Belated Birthday, Dolly!