I *heart* Dollys Smoking Mountains candle. Story evolves and continues


"Every scent has a story."

The idea to include a story with every candle was not really planned. Much like the idea to start a candle business it happened very organically at a time when I needed it. 

I started making candles as a way to distract myself. I needed somewhere to channel my anxiety and depression that had become all-consuming after leaving my career as a television producer. At the time, I hadn't realized how much I missed being a storyteller. Looking back, I  now see how the candle stories where the direct result of the salvage mission I was on (and still continue) as I searched through the debris that once was my career and my identity.

I continue to tell the stories related to each candle because it reminds me of the passion that goes into creating them. But even more importantly, sharing these stories is also about connecting and staying connected with others. After all, what's the point of a salvage mission if you don't get to show those little discoveries of our most authentic selves - the pieces of us that made themselves seen at times when it's much easier to just see it all as wreckage.

So without any further ado... Here's the original story along with an update to the story about the handcrafted candle scent "Dolly's Smoky Mountains:"

The original story of Dolly's Smoky Mountains

the story of the Dolly candle scent. In 2006, I drove home for the holidays. Not unusual, until you consider my family’s over 2,000 miles across the country in NJ. My friend Julie and I (along with my dog Kennedy) explored so many cool places, including this candle’s inspiration, Dollywood. Nestled in the Smoky Mountains in
 Tennessee, a world of butterflies, bluegrass, roller coasters and hot cocoa brings the holidays to life. On a cold wintry night, Dolly’s world is still warm and inviting.   I wanted to capture the cozy feel of the scenic Smoky Mountains with the smells of towering evergreens and smoke pluming from nearby fireplaces that fill that Tennessee air in December.

The Dolly story continued:

On January 19th, the amazing Dolly Parton turned 77 years old. Now, my love for her goes way back to the days when I'd dance around to her song, "9 to 5" playing it over and over on my sister's 8-track. There was no repeat button back then, but that didn't stop me. Thankfully, technology has changed. But my love for Dolly has not.  And my  dolly story 2023 continues  solo Dolly dance parties continue  to this day.  Honestly, who doesn't love Dolly?! She's an incredible talent with a tremendous heart. Not only is she an icon, she's also a role model who proves that you can speak your mind and still be kind. And of  course, she was my inspiration when I crafted this candle.   Happy Belated Birthday, Dolly!


If this has piqued your interest, you can buy Dolly's Smoky Mountains handcrafted candles here.



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