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Tin Roof Rusted handcrafted candle (8oz)

“Tin Roof Rusted” Fragrance Notes

Sweet tobacco, creamy tonka beans, woody notes, spices

The Story
Now and then, the scent inspires the story rather than the other way around. Tin Roof Rusted is a woodsy & spicy mixture that gives a cozy autumn feel. The top note, sweet tobacco, got me thinking about driving through the American South… smelling the tobacco fields and seeing those old wooden barns with tin roofs. And then the line came to mind, “Tin Roof Rusted,” made famous by The B-52s, one of my favorite southern bands. A phrase that was sometimes used to describe the end of a relationship has taken a life of its own once the song, “Love Shack” became a hit & introduced the band to my generation. Luckily, the end of one thing usually marks the beginning of something else.
This scent is my homage to a band that dared to challenge the norms of the South. Queer before it was cool. Defiantly true to self. What better name for this candle.

Tin Roof Rusted handcrafted candle (8oz)

Scented 100% natural soy wax hand poured in small batches

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