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"Midnight Mass"  hand-poured soy candle (8oz)

"Midnight Mass" hand-poured soy candle (8oz)

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"Midnight Mass" fragrance notes: 
Traditional scents of frankincense and myrrh are balanced by the smell of smoky wood.


the story of "Midnight Mass"

I remember one Christmas my parents took us to Midnight Mass as kids. Born a night owl, I was excited for the adventure. Everything was a little different at midnight mass from the dimmed lights in the church to the quieter mood. And at one point, the priest started swinging this metal thing with smoke pouring out if it. And then seconds later, a unique, earthy smell filled the air. This ritual used frankincense and myrrh – each derived from the sap of a different tree. Various cultures used them for thousands of years, as both fragrance and medicine.

I wanted to create my own candle version of the church incense that highlights the distinct and interesting fragrances of frankincense and myrrh.



Each soy wax candle is crafted and hand-poured in my own home right here in the vibrant city of West Hollywood, California.