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Hey Pumpkin! handcrafted candle (8oz)

"Hey Pumpkin!" Fragrance Notes

Fresh baked pumpkin with warm spices like clove, cinnamon, & nutmeg

The Story
Pumpkin is a part of the entire holiday season, from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas. This gourd is under a lot a pressure to show up at all the holidays.
 Truthfully, I’m picky about pumpkin. Pumpkin pie isn't even on my favorite desserts list. But the smell of a baking pumpkin pie in my parents’ kitchen is something that I truly love. And when I did the first test burn of this candle, I loved it! A strong baked pumpkin aroma with a slight sweetness. And spice notes that complimented the pumpkin, rather than overpowered it. This is a pumpkin candle for all – even the picky folks like me. I love it. Hence, the affectionate name which has become an affectionate nickname for my lil’ pooch too.

Hey Pumpkin! handcrafted candle (8oz)

Scented 100% natural soy wax hand poured in small batches

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