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Get Sh*t Done handcrafted candle (8oz)

"Get Sh*t Done" Fragrance Notes

vibrant citrus, strawberry, jasmine it smells like a combination of citrus and sweetness with a light floral finish. 

PLEASE NOTE: This candle label is NOT censored IRL!  Facebook & Instagram requires it to be censored on their sites.  

The Story

I am a procrastinator. It's a habit that most of us battle in our pursuit of perfection. But I've recently come to realize that all we really need to strive for is excellence. Just do your best. Be kind to yourself. And enjoy every moment. That's how you get sh*t done. So, I created a candle to help us all do just that.
Burn "Get Sh*t Done" and let the wonderful smell of fresh citrus feed your concentration while the gentler notes of strawberry and jasmine provide a finish to this fragrance that will help you cross the finish line & check sh*t off that To Do List.

Get Sh*t Done handcrafted candle (8oz)

Scented 100% natural soy wax hand poured in small batches

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