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Cranberry Bogs handcrafted candle (8oz)

"Cranberry Bogs" Fragrance Notes

Crisp cranberry. Hints of red currant, cinnamon, pine, fir and a dash of vanilla.

The Story
I spent many Thanksgivings in Massachusetts as a kid. My family piled into our station wagon and drove from Jersey to spend a fun holiday with family friends. This was my introduction to the unmistakable magic that is autumn in New England - the vibrant colors of those last few changing leaves and crisp fresh air. Each visit filled with adventures that spark the unique joy I feel during the holiday season. One of my favorites was the time we visited a cranberry farm. The serene beauty of the bogs as the winter sun sets is, as the locals say, “Wicked cool!”
I created “Cranberry Bogs” to conjure up that particular joy and serenity that our best holiday memories can stir in us, even years later.

Cranberry Bogs handcrafted candle (8oz)

Scented 100% natural soy wax hand poured in small batches

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