Who is this Jeffrey at LARRAB.EE anyway?

I am the owner/storyteller/candlemaker at LARRABEE. I put the small in small business since I am a one-man show. So, I am also the guy who writes all the stories you get with every candle.

That's probably all anyone wants to know, but here's a basic bio giving you the highlights

I was born in North Jersey, in a small suburb of INew York City called Midland Park. The middle child of three who always loved the city, but still enjoyed going up to the family farm in New York state. I watched a lot of TV as a kid.I I loved acting in plays. And I discovered a love for storytelling at a young age. After seeing the movie E.T. at the age of 8, I sat down and wrote a story treatment for sequel I envisioned. 

So, it wasn't too surprising that I studied TV, Radio & Film Writing at Syracuse University. Upon graduation, I went back down to NYC where I landed a job at MTV marketing.

By age 22, I had moved to the west coast. Having come out the closet in college, I decided I wanted to live in West Hollywood. I found my apartment to call home right in the middle of the gayborhood on Larrabee Street.

Eventually, I landed the job that would marry my love of storytelling and television-- story editor on the MTV show, "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica." That launched my career as a television producer. And a few years later is when the story of LARRAB.EE begins. 

For over 20 years, my place on Larrabee Street has been home. Even with work taking me back to NYC and to Austin, Texas, I always knew I wanted to keep this as home base. In terms of geography, there's no better spot than West Hollywood for a queer-owned candle business like LARRABEE.

But home is so much more than a location. And as I hone this craft of making artisanal candles, I'm excited to share more of my stories and the new creations they inspire. 

LARRABEE just sort of happened, but not by accident. It was born out of my  struggles with depression & anxiety, and it has re-kindled my creativity. This business is rooted in my personal stories, which is why I want every candle to be like that very first batch I poured in my place on Larrabee Street -- a personally inspired & thoughtfully crafted gift made for you to enjoy in your home.

As the business grows and evolves, I'm grateful to you all for welcoming LARRABEE in to be a part of your home. 

I continue to call West Hollywood, CA home, along with my  dog named Betty White, a 10lb poodle mix.